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The Child as Passenger on an Adult’s Bicycle

A young passenger on a bicycle can make it unstable and increases brake time. It is preferred that children ride in a bicycle-towed child trailer. Following these guidelines can decrease, not eliminate, the risk of injury:

  1.     Only adult cyclists should carry child passengers.
  2.     If carrying a child passenger, preferably ride in parks, bike paths, or quiet streets. Avoid high traffic areas and bad weather.
  3.     Infants younger than 12 months should not be a passenger on a bicycle. Do not carry infants in backpacks or frontpacks while on a bicycle.
  4.     Children over 12 months of age who are able to sit well unsupported and necks are strong enough, should always wear a light-weight helmet.
  5.     A rear-mounted seat must
  •         Be securely attached over back wheel.
  •         Have spoke guards to protect hands and feet from getting caught in the wheels.
  •         Have a high back and sturdy shoulder harness and lap belt that will support a sleeping child.
  •         Children must be strapped in securely by a sturdy harness.
  •         Always remember that the risk of serious injury still exists when you carry a young child on your bicycle.

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