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Fifth Disease

Fifth disease is a common viral infection that occurs with a rash 1-3 weeks after the infection. it is spread through direct contact with respiratory secretions. Outbreaks occur mostly around later winter and early spring. it can also be spread through exposure to blood and blood products.

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Fever
  • muscle aches
  • join pain (although uncommon in children)
  • headache
  • red “slapped-cheek” rash 1-3 weeks after symptoms (rash may disappear and reappear after exposure to heat; once rash appears, child will no longer feel ill)
  • infection can be present without ever having no symptoms
  • disease can be severe in those with sickle cell disease

Proper hand washing and sanitation of contaminated items are some of the ways to control infectious outbreaks. Also remember to dispose of used tissues containing nose and throat secretions. Children who are infected do not need to be excluded from group activities unless the child has sickle cell disease or other immune system problems.

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