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Helping My Child Learn to Talk

Engage In Daily Activities

  • Talk with your child during bath time by naming body parts.
  • Talk with your child during meal times by naming the foods he/she is eating, name things that are on the table, and use simple directions (ex. “Give mommy the cup,” “Open your mouth,” and so forth).
  • Talk with your child during bed time by saying “goodnight,” or “night-night” to family members, pets, and toys.
  • Read a book.
  • Use simple expressions like “all gone” or “bye-bye.”


  • Sing simple songs.
  • Children enjoy listening and learning new sounds, words, and rhythms.
  • Add hand and facial movements while singing. Children learn to connect these movements with the words.
  • Children learn by imitating.

Play a Fun Game

  • It helps to count (“1, 2, 3……..GO!”) when you take the child down from the changing table, crib, or stroller. Encourage the child to say “GO” with you.
  • Play peek-a-boo with your child. This is a fun game for your child to become surprised, smile, and laugh.
  • Children love to hide and playing games help children learn to take turns.

It might be helpful to write down baby’s first words and work on learning new words.

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