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Preschoolers (Ages 3 – 5 Years Old)


At this age children are like sponges and love to learn. Children absorb a lot at this age. Having an open and honest communication will help your child learn moral family values, safety, and educational expectations. Children are able to learn and follow rules, create friendships, and develop life skills. Set limits to help your child follow rules, when rules get broken then employ consequences, and explain to the child what they did wrong and help them figure out how to fix it. Take time to talk and listen to your child, assign responsibilities by having your child do chores, allow your child to bathe and dress themselves, teach simple rules about safety with adults (ex. certain body parts are private, no one should ever touch you in places that makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t talk to strangers, etc.), and help your child become a good friend (don’t hit others, be kind, use your words to express feelings of anger or frustration, etc.).

Starting School

By law, all children must be in school by a particular age. In most states the age requirement is five years old to enter kindergarten and six years old to enter first grade. All children need an education to learn, grow, and prepare them for life events. Some schools may require testing to be done in order to determine the child’s developmental learning capabilities. This allows teachers to identify areas of improvement. Parents can help by encouraging their child’s cognitive (knowledge), physical, and emotional development before he/she enters school.


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