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Scabies is a skin infestation that is caused by small insects called mites. Scabies often causes a rash with severe itching (which usually worsens at night). The rash typically reveals red bumps or blisters that itch. These bumps can be found on skin folds between fingers, toes, wrists, elbows, armpits, waistline, thighs, penis, abdomen, and lower buttocks. Scabies is contagious until it has been treated.

How to control it?

Scabies is spread through direct contact with a person who has the infestation. It can also be spread through sharing of bedding, towels, and clothing. Wash bedding and clothing with hot water and hot drying cycle. Any type of clothing or bedding that has been worn next to skin at least 4 days before the start of treatment should be washed. Items that cannot be laundered should be placed in plastic bags for at least 4 days. Children who have scabies should be excluded from other until treatment has been complete which is usually overnight.

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