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School Health Centers and Your Child

What you should know

School health canters are becoming more and more common. Most handle medical emergencies, provide health screenings and refer students to doctors for health problems. A growing number of these centers also offer health services such as immunizations and physical examinations. However, it is important that you child’s pediatrician stay involved in that care. While school-based centers are convenient, your child’s own pediatrician remains his or her best source for health supervision and medical care.

What you can do

  • Make sure that your child’s school nurse, counselor or health center staff routinely contacts your pediatrician about his medical care.
  • Check with your school’s regular health office and your school’s clinic to be sure that they work together.
  • Continue to take your child to his pediatrician for regular preventative health care.
  • Stay involved in the health education, the health services and the supervision that your child received at school.

Signs of a Good School Health Program

  • The staff works in partnership with other community health and social service programs.
  • Students and parents sit on its administrative board.
  • The center helps students who do not have a medical home find one.
  • The center assists in arranging health insurance for students who need it.
  • It is easily accessible for all students.
  • It provides quality health care that focuses on the long-term needs of each student.

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