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Tuberculosis is an infection caused by bacteria that involves the lungs, but could affect other parts of the body. The bacteria that cause TB can be carried in the body for many years without active disease. Most individuals are diagnosed with TB from a positive TB skin test. For those that test positive, a chest x-ray is needed to determine the extent of the infection and the necessary treatment.

Signs or symptoms:

  • TB infections in children and adolescents are often without symptoms.
  • If symptoms do occur, they include
    • Chronic cough
    • Weight loss
    • Fever and chills
    • Growth delay
    • Night sweats

How is it spread?

Children who are infected with TB often acquire it through close contact with a positive adult. TB is also spread through respiratory route such as coughing or sneezing (typically in an indoor environment). People are only contagious when the disease is active in the body and has not been treated. The disease is not spread through clothes, dishes, floors, or furniture.

How to control it?

Staff should always have an intradermal skin test prior to employment to test for TB. Exclusion of those with active TB is required. They can be readmitted to group settings once treatment has started and has been cleared by a health professional.

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