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What are common skin warts?

Skin warts are infections that are caused by the human papillomavirus. These growths are typically dome-shaped growths inside the skin that may become raised with smaller bumps within it. Warts are usually painless except when they are occasionally located on the feet. Warts are often found on the hands and around or under fingernails. It is normal for black dots to appear in the warts. Warts are spread from person-to-person through close contact.

How to control them?

  • Wash hands after touching warts.
  • Do not share towels used by an infected person
  • Scratching the warts may cause further bacterial infection or spread of virus to other sites.
  • The body may make antibodies to the virus that causes the wart so that it spontaneously resolves.
  • Treatments may be used, but warts may return and often require re-treatment.

What to do?

  • Practice careful and frequent hand washing after contact with a person with warts.
  • Do not allow children to pick at their warts.
  • Children with warts do not need to be excluded from group activities.

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