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Bicycle Safety

Learning to ride a bicycle is a milestone in your child’s life. It is important to follow these safety guidelines to ensure your child has a safe bike ride:

  1. Your child must always wear a helmet, even on short distance rides around the neighborhood. Accidents can happen anywhere. Most bicycle accidents occur close to home.
  2. Wear only a proper bicycle helmet. Other helmets are not designed and certified to protect your child’s head the way a bicycle helmet does. Never allow your child to wear a different type of helmet while riding his bike. This includes football helmets and other sports helmets.
  3. Buy a bike that is size appropriate for your child. Do not purchase an oversized bicycle for your child to “grow into.” Your child should be able to sit on the seat, with both balls of the feet on the ground. A child’s bicycle should have foot brakes, due to his hand muscles not being mature enough yet for hand brakes.
  4.  Your child should never ride his bike facing traffic. Riding a bicycle should be done on the right going along with traffic.
  5. Teach your child the proper hand signals before allowing him to ride in the street.
  6. Do not allow your child to ride his bike at dusk or night. Children do not yet have the proper skills to ride a bicycle at night.
  7. Check your child’s bicycle brakes, tires, seat, handlebars and helmet regularly.
  8. Teach your child to be safe while riding a bike. Bicycles can be fun, when done safely.

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