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Vanessa Williams



Angel Kids Pediatrics is making major changes within the practice, starting with the logo.


Jacksonville, Fla. 10/12/20 - This has been some time coming, but we are so excited to announce that today we’re launching our new logo, as we begin to update our look in general. While our previous look is very near and dear to us all, we wanted to take the time to explain why we decided to make the change.

Angel Kids Pediatrics 2020 Logo Dark horizontal

Please know, this change didn’t come lightly and wasn’t done just to do something different. With that being said, the world is changing and we understood the importance of change as a whole. We are here to embrace change and to look forward to the beauty of the future.

But let’s be honest, our logo needed a facelift to better represent who and what our practice is as a whole—a melting pot of diversity and inclusion. And we believe that our new logo represents just that.

Our initial logo was created when our organization first opened, as a single office down by Jacksonville Beach, back in 2004. It came about at a time when technology was nowhere near as advance or creative as it is now. This was an era when Bluetooth and WiFi were novelty concepts almost. Our logo offered coloring reminiscent of baby showers (pastel pink and baby blue) with a sweet little cherub angel. This logo has been a staple to our brand for over a decade now.

Over the years, whether you knew it or not, we developed different logos to try to achieve a more accurate representation of Angel Kids Pediatrics. But, it was to no avail.

Just take a look for yourself:


Sometimes, it be hard to let go of things, that need to be let go of.

Let’s fast forward to 2020, in the thick of COVID-19, our in-house marketing department, began the steps to create a new and more modern visual identity. And so here we are, today, launching our logo.


It continues to use a vibrant color palette, but includes more than just BLUE and PINK colors, to step away from stereotypical gender-based colors. We believed that by removing our longstanding Cherub, speaks to the era that we live in. One of racial and ethnic diversity, both in the country (on a macro level) and within all our offices (in a micro level). – Side note, did you know that between our nurses and providers we speak 8 different languages?!


We know we went a bit deep into the “Why” behind the logo, but we felt as though it was as important as this change was, being that the change is rather drastic. So, as not to take up much more of your reading time, our main objective was to inform you that this change is coming- so when you drive up to your child’s next appointment, you won’t think you went to the wrong location. 



Over the next few months, you’ll begin to see all the other visuals changes occurring both inside and outside of Angel Kids Pediatrics: on the website, on forms and documents, in advertising, and on building signage. Again, don’t worry, we’re still the Angel Kids Pediatrics who is here to care for your little angels. Just a fresher more updated Angel Kids Pediatrics.

All The Best,

The AKP Family