Our Location

Beach Blvd

Beach Blvd, Jacksonville, FL
Our Beach office is conveniently located at 13770 Beach Blvd, Suite 6.

13770 Beach Blvd, Suite 6
Jacksonville, FL 32224

Contact Numbers

Main Office: (904) 242-4220

Fax: (904) 242-4221

Poison Control: (800) 222-1222

Office Hours

Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm
(Telehealth 5pm-9pm)
Sat&Sun: 9am-4pm


Smiles pop on children's faces when they enter our office – even those feeling a little under the weather. Our offices are designed and decorated for children and for the child in every adult. They are bright, cheery and friendly, with hand-painted murals by local artists in the waiting rooms, exam rooms and even kid-friendly bathrooms.

Photos of our office: