Newborn Care

Lactation Support

Lactation-Consultations_large.jpgIf you're planning to breastfeed your baby, Angel Kid’s Pediatrics has a certified lactation consultant available to make your breastfeeding experience a successful one. All new moms need lots of help and support during the first days and weeks at home. This is especially true for breastfeeding moms. Research shows that easily accessible help from a knowledgeable, caring breastfeeding professional is a key factor in helping mothers meet their personal goals.

Angel Kid’s Pediatrics offers a variety of resources to make your breastfeeding journey a success including prenatal breastfeeding classes, a weekly motherhood/breastfeeding support group, and in-office/telehealth lactation consults. Our lactation consultant can be reached at 904-224-5437 ext- 1221.