Comprehensive Care & Wellness

Comprehensive Care

ADHD Treatment

Our providers will work with you and your child to determine the best option whether it is a conventional approach or a more natural, alternative approach. 

Allergy Testing

Does your child often suffer from chronic congestion, watery eyes, excessive sneezing, repeated ear infections, or upper respiratory infections? It might be allergies. Our providers can help you determine if an in-house allergy test would benefit your child.

Breathing Treatments and Pulmonary Function Testing

Breathing issues can be scary when they happen. We provide in-office breathing treatments as needed. If asthma is suspected, the pulmonary function test will provide insight to the severity. Our providers will work with you to find the best option for your family.


Alternative Immunization Schedules Honored

Our providers believe in the importance of an immunization schedule as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. However, we also understand that some parents prefer not to immunize their children or would like to follow a different Immunization Schedule. Our providers will work with you to assess your concerns and needs and do our best find the best option for your family.

Fluoride Varnish Application

Florida water does not contain fluoride. Our low-cost fluoride varnish application can help protect children’s smiles. It’s quick, painless and provides long lasting protection against cavities. 

Hearing/Vision Screenings

Hearing and vision screenings are performed during Well Exams or Physicals. Check out our advanced vision screen, offered digitally with the PediaVision camera at the Bartram location.

Referral Request for Specialist

Our providers will review your request to see a specialist and forward on to our dedicated Referral Coordinator.

Same Day Sick Appointments

Our schedule is made to accommodate same day sick appointments. We recommend calling as soon as we open to ensure a good time slot.

School, Sports, and Camp Physicals

We provide a full exam and necessary papers to fulfill back-to-school, sports and camps requirements.

Shot Only Visit & Flu Shots for Parents/Guardians

Whether it’s immunizations or a seasonal flu shot, if your child’s Well Exam is up-to-date, you can schedule “shot only” visits. Additionally, we offer flu shots to parents for a nominal fee. 

Treatment for Sickness & Injuries

We provide all range of treatment for sick and injured children; we can even remove staples or sutures. 

Well Exams and Assessments

Well exams are an important, preemptive step toward maintaining your child’s overall health. During these visits, the provider preforms an exam, checks developmental achievements and addresses any questions or concerns. You should schedule a yearly exam for your child-even if you believe he or she appears in good health. (Newborn/Infants require more Well Exams. See below).  Insurance companies usually pay for 100% of the cost of a well exam (minus any co-pay).

The following is when you should expect to schedule a Well Exam:

Newborn Exam

24 Month Visit

2 Week Visit

30 Month Visit

1 Month Visit

3 Year Visit

2 Month Visit

4 Year Visit

4 Month Visit

5 & 6 Year Visits

6 Month Visit

7 & 8 Year Visits

9 Month Visit

9 & 10 Year Visits

12 Month Visit

11 - 14 Year Visits

15 Month Visit

15 - 17 Year Visits

18 Month Visit 18 - 21 Year Visits