Dr. David Weiss

Dr. David Weiss


Dr. David Weiss has over 30 years of pediatric experience in the care of children, adolescents and newborns.

Dr. Weiss was in private practice for 25 years, then went to work in the emergency room at Wolfson Children’s Hospital, prior to joining Angel Kids Pediatrics. 

He has developed a special interest in child development and chronic illness. He believes in teaching parents to be more independent in caring for their families, and tries to treat parents as experts on their children.


Dr. Weiss has seven children, who he visits all over the world. He also is an avid Kayaker.

Dr. Weiss was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and attended the University of Illinois. While in the College of Medicine, David had a rotation to expose him to all types of medical practice, and connected with Pediatrics the most. From here, he headed to Jacksonville to pursue a residency at the University of Florida for pediatrics.