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  • Improving Efficiency of Primary Care Provider Communication for Uncomplicated Admissions October 1, 2021
    BACKGROUND Communication between inpatient pediatric hospital medicine (HM) and primary care providers (PCPs) is important for quality care. As provider workload increases, it is important to focus on a means to improve communication efficiency. Our goal was to increase the percentage of HM admissions using 1-way communication from 0% to 35% over a 16-month period. […]
    Ostermeier, A., Ferro, E., Voet, S., Warniment, A., Albrecht, J., Manfroy, P., Gosdin, C.
  • Quality Improvement of Primary Care Provider Communication on Hospital Discharge October 1, 2021
    BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Effective communication between inpatient and primary care providers (PCPs) is important for safe transition of care for hospitalized patients. In 2017, communication with PCPs was prioritized for the pediatric hospital medicine division. Our primary aim was to improve documented attempted communication with PCPs within 72 hours of discharge from 41% to at […]
    Goodrich, N., Dolter, S., Snow, J., Stoolman, S., Kerns, E., McCulloh, R.
  • Sexual Health Behaviors and Pregnancy Risk Among Hospitalized Female Adolescents October 1, 2021
    OBJECTIVES To describe sexual health behaviors, contraceptive use, and pregnancy risk among hospitalized female adolescents. METHODS We conducted a cross-sectional survey of hospitalized female patients aged 14 to 21 years at 2 academic medical centers to assess sexual health behaviors, contraceptive use, contraceptive counseling receipt, and factors associated with pregnancy complications (eg, diabetes, teratogenic exposure). […]
    Hunt, J. A., Randell, K. A., Mermelstein, S., Miller, M. K., Sherman, A. K., Philipose, S., Masonbrink, A. R.
  • Improving Outpatient Provider Communication for High-Risk Discharges From the Hospitalist Service October 1, 2021
    BACKGROUND Patients are at risk for adverse events during inpatient-to-outpatient transitions of care. Previous improvement work has been targeted at this care transition, but gaps in discharge communication still exist. We aimed to increase documentation of 2-way communication between hospitalists and primary care providers (PCPs) for high-risk discharges from pediatric hospital medicine (PHM) services from […]
    Clark, N. A., Simmons, J., Etzenhouser, A., Pallotto, E. K.
  • Improving Communication for Admissions From Urgent Care to Inpatient Using a Structured Handoff October 1, 2021
    BACKGROUND Previous studies reveal that ineffective communication contributes to patient-safety events. Structured handoffs improve communication during shift change and transfers from outpatient clinics to emergency departments. We aimed to improve the perceived quality of admission handoffs from a baseline of 22.2% to 50% by the end of the study period through use of a standardized […]
    Nedved, A., Berg, K., Lee, B., Montalbano, A.
  • Clinical Outcome and Antibiotic Dosing Differences by Weight in Children With Acute Osteomyelitis October 1, 2021
    OBJECTIVES To evaluate for weight-based differences in clinical outcomes and antibiotic dosing variability for children hospitalized with acute hematogenous osteomyelitis (AHO). METHODS We performed a retrospective cohort study of children aged 2 to 17 years and hospitalized with a primary AHO International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision or International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision diagnosis […]
    Kyler, K. E., Lee, B. R., Glynn, E. F., Waddell, J. P., Hoffman, M. A., Goldman, J. L.
  • Role of Texting as a Source of Cognitive Burden in a Pediatric Cardiovascular ICU October 1, 2021
    OBJECTIVES To characterize frontline provider perception of clinical text messaging and quantify clinical texting data in a pediatric cardiovascular ICU (CICU). METHODS This is a mixed-methods, retrospective single center study. A survey of frontline CICU providers (pediatric fellows, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants) was conducted to assess attitudes characterizing text messaging on cognitive burden. Text […]
    Han, B., Gal, D. B., Mafla, M., Sacks, L. D., Singh, A. T., Shin, A. Y.
  • EHR-Integrated Monitor Data to Measure Pulse Oximetry Use in Bronchiolitis October 1, 2021
    BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Continuous pulse oximetry (oxygen saturation [Spo2]) monitoring in hospitalized children with bronchiolitis not requiring supplemental oxygen is discouraged by national guidelines, but determining monitoring status accurately requires in-person observation. Our objective was to determine if electronic health record (EHR) data can accurately estimate the extent of actual Spo2 monitoring use in bronchiolitis. […]
    Kern-Goldberger, A. S., Rasooly, I. R., Luo, B., Craig, S., Ferro, D. F., Ruppel, H., Parthasarathy, P., Sergay, N., Solomon, C. M., Lucey, K. E., Muthu, N., Bonafide, C. P., FOR THE PEDIATRIC RESEARCH IN INPATIENT SETTINGS (PRIS) NETWORK
  • Changes in Antibiotic Treatment for Children With Lyme Meningitis 2015-2020 October 1, 2021
    OBJECTIVES Although ceftriaxone has been the first-line treatment of Lyme meningitis, the 2020 Infectious Disease Society of America, American College of Rheumatology, and American Academy of Neurology guideline recommends either doxycycline or ceftriaxone. Our objective was to explore recent trends in enteral antibiotic treatment of children with Lyme meningitis. METHODS Using International Classification of Diseases, […]
    Roelf, K. M., Garro, A., Monuteaux, M. C., Nigrovic, L. E., for Pedi Lyme Net
  • Decreasing Unnecessary Antibiotic Usage in Patients Admitted With Bronchiolitis October 1, 2021
    BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Bronchiolitis is a viral syndrome that occurs in children aged
    Naeem, F., Kuzmic, B., Khang, L., Osburn, T. S.
  • Deployed: One Pediatric Departments Experience of Adult Care During COVID-19 October 1, 2021
    OBJECTIVES The number of hospitalized coronavirus disease 2019 patients in March 2020 to April 2020 in our New York City hospital required increased physician staffing, including deployment of pediatricians to adult care. To improve the deployment process, we sought to understand the mindset, preparations for, and experience during deployment of pediatric faculty in our institution. […]
    Hodo, L. N., Douglas, L. C., Lee, D. S., Bhadriraju, S., Wilson, K. M.
  • "It Has Added Another Layer of Stress": COVID-19s Impact in the PICU October 1, 2021
    OBJECTIVE The novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has dramatically changed health care delivery and impacted health care providers. However, little is known about the impact of the pandemic in PICUs. In this qualitative study, we aimed to assess pediatric critical care providers’ perspectives on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the experiences of […]
    Balistreri, K. A., Lim, P. S., Tager, J. B., Davies, W. H., Karst, J. S., Scanlon, M. C., Rothschild, C. B., for the Milwaukee Collaborative for Resilience and Emotional Wellness Science (Milwaukee CREWS)
  • Flying Solo: Effectiveness of Attendingless Family-Centered Rounds on Improving Resident Autonomy October 1, 2021
    BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education requires that residents demonstrate increasing autonomy during their training. Although residents report a better educational environment with hospitalists present during family-centered rounds (FCRs), there is a concern that attending presence may reduce resident autonomy. We aim to determine the effect of FCRs without an attending […]
    Jain, P. N., Hametz, P., Banker, S. L., Escalante, E., Gutierrez, F., Dodoo, C., Dwivedi, A. K., Beck, J., Fromme, H. B.
  • Parent and Physician Qualitative Perspectives on Reasons for Pediatric Hospital Readmissions October 1, 2021
    OBJECTIVES One in 5 parents report a problem in their child’s hospital-to-home transition, leading to adverse events, dissatisfaction, and readmissions. Although researchers in several studies have explored parent insights into discharge needs, few have explored perceptions of causes for pediatric readmissions. We sought to investigate factors contributing to pediatric readmissions, from both parent and physician […]
    Hamline, M. Y., Sauers-Ford, H., Kair, L. R., Vadlaputi, P., Rosenthal, J. L.
  • Remote Virtual Reality Teaching: Closing an Educational Gap During a Global Pandemic October 1, 2021
    OBJECTIVE Resident physicians are expected to recognize patients requiring escalation of care on day 1 of residency, as outlined by the Association of American Medical Colleges. Opportunities for medical students to assess patients at the bedside or through traditional simulation-based medical education have decreased because of coronavirus disease 2019 restrictions. Virtual reality (VR) delivered remotely […]
    Young, D., Real, F. J., Sahay, R. D., Zackoff, M.
  • The Experience of Parents of Hospitalized Children Living With Medical Complexity October 1, 2021
    BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Children living with medical complexity (CMC) experience frequent hospital admissions. Validated patient-reported experience measures may inform care improvements in this cohort. Our objectives were to examine the comprehensive inpatient experience of CMC by using a validated patient-reported experience measure and compare the results with all other respondents at 2 academic pediatric hospitals […]
    Kemp, K. A., Fairie, P., Steele, B., McNeil, D., Kromm, S., Johnson, D., Santana, M. J.
  • Staying Connected: Using Quality Improvement to Bridge the Communication Gap Between Pediatric Hospitalists and Primary Care Providers October 1, 2021
    Kaissi, M., Solan, L. G.
  • Research and Career Outcomes for Pediatric Hospital Medicine Fellowship Graduates October 1, 2021
    OBJECTIVES Pediatric hospital medicine (PHM) fellowships have rapidly developed to meet established needs. The purpose of this research was to describe the research and career outcomes of PHM fellowship graduates. We hypothesized that graduates would report significant research and academic productivity. METHODS This was an institutional review board–approved, cross-sectional survey of PHM fellowship graduates in […]
  • Training the Next Generation of Pediatrician-Advocates: A New Focus on the Inpatient Setting October 1, 2021
    Winthrop, Z. A., Michelson, C. D., Nash, K. A.
  • Factors Associated With Bronchiolitis Guideline Nonadherence at US Childrens Hospitals October 1, 2021
    BACKGROUND The objective with this study was to explore factors associated with nonadherence to national bronchiolitis guidelines at 52 children’s hospitals. METHODS We included patients 1 month to 2 years old with emergency department (ED) or admission encounters between January 2016 and December 2018 and bronchiolitis diagnoses in the Pediatric Health Information System database. We […]
    Hester, G., Nickel, A. J., Watson, D., Bergmann, K. R.
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