Our Mission

Our Mission

At Angel Kids Pediatrics, we strive to provide excellent medical care in a family and community-based environment. We uphold the highest standards of a patient-centered medical home that provides quality, personalized and effective medical care.

"I saw the global picture in the need for pediatricians to be involved, not only with the child but also with the child's immediate family and extended family - the community. I recognized that you must do more than treat ill and undernourished children, you must educate the parents and the community to instill in them the idea of preventative care."

Dr. Affan MD, FAAP, President & Founder, Angel Kids Pediatrics.

Our Philosophy

We understand that selecting the right pediatrician is an important decision for families, so we offer a team of caring and compassionate providers who believe in working together with families towards the health and development of their children.

We believe that caring for children is a continual process, not limited to the doctor’s office visits during regular business hours, and our goal at Angel Kids Pediatrics is to provide this continual care to the children of Jacksonville, our weekend and extended hours offer families access to quality medical care when needed.

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