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Newborn baby pediatrician Visit
Newborn Exams

Whether you just had your baby or just moved into town, we love to see those little baby feet in our office.

Did you know…

You are required to have your newborn’s first pediatrician well-visit scheduled before you are discharged from the hospital?  Schedule your newborn’s appointment here, or you can schedule a meet and greet with one of our providers, here.

During the initial 12 months of life, your child will have at least 9 well visit exams. Most of which are covered by your insurance. To learn about what to expect at each newborn visit, based on your child’s age, visit the information here.

Well Exams and Assessments

Well exams are an important, preemptive step, towards maintaining your child’s overall health.

During these visits, the provider performs an exam, checks developmental achievements and addresses any of your questions or concerns.

We will also speak with you about key immunizations that are beneficial for your growing and developing child. View and learn about which immunizations your child should receive, based on their age, here.

You should schedule a yearly exam for your child, even if you believe they appear to be in good health. 

Sick Child with Mom
Sick Visits & Child Injuries

No one likes their child to feel sick, let alone be in any pain. Not only that, but we try to reduce the stress and hassle many parents endure when they opt for a visit to an E.R. have a huge co-pay in many instances and later receiving an outrageous bill.

Because of this, we do our best to get your kiddo scheduled into one of our Same-day Sick Appointments. We strive to accommodate your child as much as possible, but these appointments do fill up quickly. We recommend calling as soon as we open to ensure a good time slot.

We also have a helpful feature on our website you should check out!

Virtual Child Symptom Checker

Did you know…

We provide all range of treatments for injured children? This even includes removal of staples or sutures. 

But of course, if it truly is a medical emergency, please call 911 or seek help at an emergency room.


School Sport Physicals
School, Sports, and
Camp Physicals

Spring, Summer or Fall, you need a physical? We provide them all! Okay, the rhyme what a bit corny, but you get the idea.

There is a huge importance to the development of children by ensuring they stay active. This helps combat may childhood diseases that can spiral into adulthood.

During our physical exams, we provide a full exam and the necessary paperwork to fulfill your child’s school, sports and camp registration requirements.

Did you know…
That is you schedule your child’s school/sports physical during their well visit, there is no additional cost (may vary depending on insurance)

Schedule your child’s physical today, by visiting our appointment page here.

Childhood Vaccines and immunizations
Vaccine / Immunization Only

Already have your child’s wellness visit complete? Or perhaps you wanted to spread out your child’s vaccines/immunizations. We can get you scheduled in just for those needed vaccines. But again, you must have had your wellness visit already completed. 

Should you want your child to receive the Flu Vaccine or Covid Vaccine (Covid vaccine currently only available for children ages 5 and older), no wellness appointment is needed. We can get you in right away.

Is your child scared of needles? We offer a numbing spray, upon request.

Did you know…

Parents can also receive Flu and Covid Vaccine Shots in our practice?! There is a small nominal fee, but why not knock out two medical visits at once.

We also offer the Gardasil vaccine which is from HPV prevention. This is available for children 11 years and older.

we are so much more than well & sick visits
we are so much more than well & sick visits
Common Allergies Allergy Testing
Allergy Testing

Do you think your child suffers from food or environmental allergies?

Does your child have a constant runny nose, rashes or hives, repeat ear infections, chronic cough, chronic congestion, eczema or wheezing in the chest? If yes, then your child may be suffering from ALLERGIES.

Did you you know there are over 70 potential allergies that could be causing a reaction in your child?! At Angel Kids Pediatrics, we offer Allergy Testing in our offices for some of the most common allergies, including but not limited to: Dairy, Nut, Pollen, Dust, Dander, and at least 67 more.

Our providers can help you determine if an in-house allergy test would benefit your child. Learn more about our allergy testing here.

Child Therapist Psychologist
Behavioral Screenings & Services

A child’s health and well-being, are not solely limited to just their physical wellness, but also to their behavioral and mental health.

As parents, sometimes we forget that our children may have issues or concerns that they have difficulty verbalizing. In many instances, the most common Behavioral Health concerns show little to no obvious signs, to the untrained eye. Every child has a voice that want’s to be heard, and our physicians at Angel Kids Pediatrics want you to know that we’re here to listen.

We offer ADHD and ASD testing, as well as helping children process their anxiety and depression, psychological trauma, and many other concerns. Then, our providers will work with you and your child to determine the best option approach, be it conventional or a more holistic, alternative approach. Learn more about our behavioral health services here.

child Asthma Therapy and treatment
Asthma Testing & Treatments

Breathing issues can be scary when they happen. Angel Kids Pediatrics offers breathing treatments and pulmonary function testing in-house.

If our providers suspect or determine that asthma is the cause for the labored breathing, then the pulmonary function test will provide insight to the severity.

Each visit, we assess and develop key action plans for each child individually. We ensure that you, as the parent, are comfortable and fully understand what this plan entails, as well as subsequent follow up visits.

If your child currently suffers from asthma or you believe they may be, schedule an appointment today to have your child assessed, by going here.

vision and hearing test children
Hearing & Vision Screenings

Hearing and vision screenings are performed during Well Exams or Physicals. Check out our advanced vision screen, offered digitally with the PediaVision camera at the Bartram location.

Child Dental Fluoride Treatment Pediatrician
Fluoride Varnish Application

Florida water does not contain fluoride. Our low-cost fluoride varnish application can help protect children’s smiles. It’s quick, painless and provides long lasting protection against cavities. 

Vaccination of preteens and teens concept vector illustration
Alternative Immunization Schedules Honored

Our providers believe in the importance of an immunization schedule as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. However, we also understand that some parents prefer not to immunize their children or would like to follow a different Immunization Schedule. Our providers will work with you to assess your concerns and needs and do our best find the best option for your family.

The following is when you should expect to schedule a Well Exam:

Newborn - 12 Months Exams
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15 Month Visit
18 Month Visit
24 Month Visit
30 Month Visit
3 Year Visit
4 Year Visit
5 & 6 Year Visits
7 & 8 Year Visits
9 & 10 Year Visits
11 - 14 Year Visits
15 - 17 Year Visits
18 - 21 Year Visits
Newborn Exam
2 Week Visit
1 Month Visit
2 Month Visit
4 Month Visit
6 Month Visit
9 Month Visit
12 Month Visit
15 Month Visit
18 Month Visit
24 Month Visit
30 Month Visit
3 Year Visit
4 Year Visit
5 & 6 Year Visits
7 & 8 Year Visits
9 & 10 Year Visits
11 - 14 Year Visits
15 - 17 Year Visits
18 - 21 Year Visits
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