Covid Testing

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COVID -19 Testing Same-Day Results
With COVID-19 cases continuing to rise, and the Omnicron variant spreading, we understand the stress that the whole family endures when your child shows signs of possible COVID-19.

Let us help you put your mind to ease, and get your kiddo back to health, faster, by confirming if those symptoms are indeed COVID-19 related or not.

If your child is showing signs or symptoms of COVID-19 and/or has had a possible exposure, you will need to schedule a sick visit appointment with us, which will include the COVID-19 test. We do offer telehealth appointments should you prefer that, rather than in-office.
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For Parents of Angel Kids patients
If you are the parent of the child getting tested, and you would like to be tested as well, we can offer that for a fee of $95 (paid at time of scheduling). Use the Schedule a Covid-19 Test option below to get both you and your child tested. You will be required to show identification that you are the parent of the child.
students and teacher
For Students and Teachers
Angel Kids Pediatrics has been on the front line to help the Jacksonville community to fight against COVID-19

We are pleased to continue to offer FREE COVID-19 test to All school children/teachers, and school staff, PCR, and Antigen Test for free for all school students/ teachers/ school employees, in greater Jacksonville!

*Insurance will pay for the test, fill insurance information upon scheduling your test appointment

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For The General Public (Non-Patients)
Angel Kids Pediatrics now offers SAME DAY RESULTS COVID-19 testing available for the general public (all ages, patient or not) at select locations. This can be any adult, child, grandparent…you name it, we have you covered! 

Usually, there are some same-day appointments available. You can self-schedule a test for yourself, by clicking the location-specific banner below.

Each person must have a separate scheduled appointment in order to be tested.