Michelle Wade, PA

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Meet Michelle Wade, PA

Pediatric Care

Michelle Wade has been practicing pediatrics for over 18 years, and in that time has connected with many families about how to properly care for their children’s health. Michelle values having a strong connection with her patients, and has three things she builds each one of her relationships on: honesty, empathy and compassion.

A connection is key to her, and she strives to be more than a doctor to a child; she wants to be a trusted influence in young lives. She also seeks to put the love of science and medicine into her patients, so they can inspire them like they did for her.

Michelle graduated from Duquesne University with degrees in both Health Sciences and Physician’s Assistant. She went on to complete a pediatric physician assistant residency at Yale University, serving in Norwalk Hospital. Michelle is featured in the book “Everybody Has Something,” where the author Abby details how she helped her out with her many disorders.