Dr. Natalie Leedy

Dr. Natalie Leedy

Behavioral Health Provider

Dr. Natalie Leedy believes that in a relationship with a doctor or therapist, trust is vital. Families and youth should feel comfortable and respected by their providers and they benefit from collaborative partnerships.

Natalie loves to work with children and adolescents, and is fascinated by how much they grow and develop cognitively. 

Her goal is to help strengthen the support system surrounding youth by working together with their families, educators and providers. Natalie lives by the motto “do small things with great love.” She wants to be a partner in problem solving to help young people and their families learn skills to maintain good mental and behavioral health.

Natalie graduated from the University of South Florida with a PH.D in School Psychology, with a concentration in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. She attended the University of North Florida for her bachelor’s degree, and has training in evidence based interventions like Cognitive Behavioral therapy and behavioral parent training.